California – the heart of soul of the cannabis culture and industry in the United States. The Golden State has gained the reputation of producing the highest quality cannabis through decades of cultivation, breading and over 20 years of legal marketplace.

  • Client Calia Group
  • Role Business Strategy, Branding, Communications
  • Agency Se Han
  • Date 2016

Luxury used to mean the best money could buy. Luxury products were expensive and out of reach, but they carried with them a tradition of exquisite craftsmanship, perfect presentation and service. Today, luxury is the possibility to experience your brand intimately. It’s about subtlety and details. It’s about service. New luxury is not consumerism.

It is educating the eyes to see that special quality.This means, that quality, service and craftsmanship — in terms of expertise, innovation, preciousness and exclusivity – is a key asset to our brand.  There is a global increased sophistication in taste – it’s about demonstrating knowledge, passion and taste in what consumers are purchasing.

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