Our Chilean Client is currently exploring to venture out to Europe and sell high quality algea foods and supplements to an ever growing market hungry for non-meat high protein produce.

  • Client Ferdinand Schönburg / Vienna
  • Role Branding, Communications
  • Agency Se Han & Beti Mizrahi
  • Date 2016

Edible algae like red algae or brown algae have so far only been marginally studied in Europe. But the history of algae as a food is ancient, especially if you use the term “nori”, known from sushi, that originated in the 8th century. That’s where the first written testimonies about the industrial cultivation, harvesting and nutritional use of algae stems from Japan around this time.
Since then, algae have become indispensable in many countries as a protein source.

However, marine plants are far from being recognized for the entire range of their nutrients:
A, B, K, iron and iodine. Through the viscosity of nutrients, it is believed that these power plants are the “parents” of other plants and we are discovering them as the “orginal superfood”. Scientists believe that most plants are derived from marine algae. If everything starts with kelp, it means that it contains all the basic genetic material found in all plants.



We were asked to not use any plastics with this package design. Since the algae is dried, we opted for a corn starch inner bag contained in a recycled paper tube. The design is strongly related to the ocean, where the seaweed is hardvested.

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