Schoeller Water Sunny River Shops provide water and energy to low income families. The innovative retail concept will make drinking water and basic needs utilities accessible in developing countries. We created simple graphics to translate how Sunny River Shops work for the test market in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Client Schöller Water/Sunny River
  • Role Branding, Communications
  • Agency Se Han & Im Kollektiv
  • Date 2014

Sustainable energy & water for low income families

Almost 800 Million people in developing countries do not have access to safe drinking water. Every day thousands of people die from the effects of unsafe drinking water, mainly children under 5 in Africa from Diarrhea, totaling to a staggering 3.4 million deaths per year (that is almost the entire City of Los Angeles). Current access-to-energy solutions in developing countries rely on expensive, highly polluting, fossil and biomass fuels creating a large amount of health & safety issues.

The Sunny River – Save Daily Shop is a retail shop that offers affordable treated drinking water, mobile phone charging, improved cooking stoves, solar lamps and other basic products & services not easily accessible to the low income earning consumer in developing countries. With unique water treatment technology, energy independency through solar power, and an innovative cashless payment system the Sunny River Shop uses the benefits of modern technology to improve access to basic needs utilities and services.