A sustainable meat snack – deer chips! A little trivia about the Austrian version of jerky: the dried venison meat is preserved only with the help of air, without cooking and curing it. The trick is that the meat has to dry out quickly, so it only works with really thin strips of meat.  Since we love working with food companies were commissioned to create a modern CI for this sustainable product made in Austria.

  • Client Ferdinand Schönburg
  • Role Business Strategy, Branding, Communications
  • Agency Se Han & Beti Mizrahi
  • Date Late 2015

A sustainable meat snack

Products of the wild, Austrian red deer are among the highest quality foods that nature has to offer. Its natural environment allows the deer great freedom of movement, a stress-free life and a diet of exclusively natural plants which makes the meat a lean source of protein.

As a result, red deer meat, the venison, is significantly healthier and more ethnically acceptable to us than the meat of old livestock kept in stables. The venison is free from drug residues and hormones, contains 20% less fat and is rich in vital trace elements, vitamins and minerals.

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