The Berlin based start-up is the leading platform for boat rentals. Our job was to look into high drop off rates on the website, enhance the UX with the core team at Zizoo and create compelling marketing assets to get more traffic to the site. Landing oages were built, themed outreaches were planned based on user personas and together with a performance marekting agency, the new performance strategy was set in motion.

  • Client Zizoo Boats
  • Role Product Rework, Online Marketing
  • Agency Se Han / alexandra von Quadt
  • Date 2015

Sailing holidays is what Zizoo does.Feeling the wind in thehair and tasting the salt of the seais why they do what theydo; to see the sun rise over the horizon each morning and to diveright off the boat after waking up. A sailing holiday is the ultimate vacation of freedom…Zizoo is the leading boat holiday platform, offering over 8,000 boats across 200 destinationsworldwide.

Named for one of the explorer Jacques Cousteau’s nicknames, Zizoo’s mission isto make boat holidays accessible and easy to book for everyone. We’re a team of passionatesailors with strong industry ties, which allows us to give our customers expert advice, and aprice-match guarantee on verified and insured boat

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